The Benefits of Attending Agricultural Shows for Farmers

The farming business to some people is just the same as the business conducted by betting sites in that it’s all about gambling.

While this is to some extent true in that there are some unforeseen circumstances (mostly extreme weather conditions) that may come into play and distort everything the farmer had planned, at the same time, it’s also true to state that there is also another side to farming and that is, farming can be very profitable and efficient if run smoothly. The secrets to running a profitable and efficient farm are many but one of those is by attending agricultural shows. Below, we are going to highlight the major benefits of attending agricultural shows for the farmer.


Access to Experts

Like most other businesses, experts play a big role in the success of farms. Due to technology, most farmers now rely on information written by experts online or they spend time listening to video podcasts and the like created by agricultural companies and farming experts. This is no doubt helpful but this does not substitute the beauty of hearing information from the horse’s mouth. When farmers attend agricultural shows, they will hear directly from the experts and they are able to ask for any clarifications that they may want.

Objective Advice

This point is closely linked to the above. The disadvantage of relying on online information and listening to video podcasts from some farming companies is that the information online may mostly be promotional hence biased rather than objective. The people providing farming information online may post promotional information and it will be difficult for the farmer to decipher if the information is objective or not. However, when farmers attend agricultural shows, they will be able to hear different pieces of advice from different sources hence they will be able to weigh the information and decide on the best course to take rather than falling prey to promotional content.

Learn More on Technology

Industry experts and researchers exhibit their work at agricultural shows. Sometimes, these people also pilot their innovations at such events and if the farmer is in attendance, he will be able to learn all there is to know about the latest farming technology at the earliest. Besides learning more on new innovations, the farmer also has the opportunity to meet with and ask researchers how different farming technologies can be used to better productivity and also how a particular innovation can be applied on a specific farm taking into consideration different factors present only at that specific farm.

Meet fellow Farmers

When it comes to farming, the best pool of agricultural knowledge is fellow farmers. For most farmers who have been in business for some time, they probably have a network with fellow farmers from the surrounding areas. However, in order to enrich one’s farming knowledge, there is a need for the farmer to widen his network. The more the farmer’s network grows, the more the farmer is likely going to receive more beneficial farming advice from exchanging ideas.


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