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Longtown Primestock Sale

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 6,892 sheep comprising of 2,420 prime lambs and 4,472 cast ewes & rams and 12 cast cows at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 12th September 2019.



Light to           165.0p (143.1p) 
Standard to      213.0p (164.3p) 
Medium to      222.0p (164.6p) 
Heavy to         195.0p (164.1p)
Overweight to 164.0p (145.4p)

Light to           £64.00 (£39.29) 
Heavy to         £151.00 (£63.14)

Rams               £132.00 (£64.01)

Another good entry of cast cows; all native bred, continued to sell at recent rates with more required on a weekly basis to fulfill demand. Sale topped at £831 for a Whitebred Shorthorn bull from ME & TR & KM Wallace, Farney Shield, Hexham with Angus cows to £708 from TN Cavers & Co., Sorbie, Langholm. Top price per kilo of 131p and 126p (x2) for Shorthorns from Waterhead of Dryfe, Lockerbie and Angus cows to 115p from Messrs McKerrow, Darlawhills, Lockerbie.

Longtown sheep ring

After last weeks downward trade together with this week’s similar trade, a reduced entry of 2,420 prime lambs averaged 164.1p (SQQ 164.5p), which was 2p up on the week.

Top price per kilo of 222p for Beltex lambs shown by J Merral, The Green, Irthington who also achieved the top price per head of £100 also for Beltex lambs.

Export lambs were short of requirements selling around the 200p per kilo mark with commercial lambs; depending on meat, making between 165-175p per kilo.

Light lambs short of numbers and lean lambs carrying no flesh hard to sell and worth more in the store market.


Belt 222p The Green, 216p High Greenhill, 213p The Firs.   

Tex 211p High Mossthorn, 203p Chapel House, 201p Willimoteswick.        

Mill Bleu 193p Stanley House.

Suff 191p, 176p Park House.    

Chev 173p Garvilland, 163p Branxholm Braes.

Mule 166p Lawesknowe, 162p Barnshake.       

Char 163p Hallburn & Swaites.        

Chev Mule 162p Barnglies, 161p Garvilland.

BF 158p Henderland, 155p Gibblaston, 152p Brennanlea.


Belt £100 The Green, £93, £91 High Greenhill.

Tex £90 Carran & Woodhead, £89 High Mossthorn, £87 Brisco Meadows & Rowan Croft.

Suff £84, £81 Park House, £81 Barnglies.

Mill Bleu £81 Stanley House.

Chev Mule £81, £77 Barnglies.

Oxf £80, £78 Barnglies.

Char £77 Hallburn.

Mule £75 Muirston & Grindon Hill, £74 Whiteclose, £73 Redesmouth.

BF £74 Ellenbank.

Chev £67, £64 Garvilland, £63.50 Branxholm Braes.   

The 4,472 cast ewes and rams were forward in less numbers with all the usual buyers present plus grazers. All classes met another strong trade with late high rates easily maintained, especially for grazing ewes. Beltex and Texel ewes were again a gigantic trade and sold to a top of £151 for Texel ewes shown by K & M Jamieson, Woodhead, Annan with hill ewes to £64 for Swales from GH & A Walton & Sons, Farnbury, Alston and rams at £132 for Texels from Beckfoot.


Tex £151, Woodhead, £149, £148 West Millhills, £145 Leithanhall.

Char £130 Govals.

Belt £125 Sorbie.

Mill Bleu £118 Foulshiels.   

Suff £97 Victoria Street, £95 Hassendeanburn, £94 Smerral.

Chev Mule £86 Govals, £73 Colmslie Hill.

NCC £81 Chaseside, £80 West Millhills.

BFL £78 Foulshiels, £74 The Wreay & Marygate.

Bord Leic £77 Gilmanscleugh.

Mule £75 Staffler, £71 Barnsallie, High House & Kirknewton Estate, £70 Durran Mains.


Swale £64 Farnbury.

Chev £57 Whitehill, £56 West Deloraine, £55 Byers.   

BF £56, £53 Craigieburn, £53 Borthwickshiels, £52 High House, Leithenhall & High Staward.

Lleyn £52, £49 Dolphinston, £47 Fearn.

EC £47 Mossfennan, £46 Blackhaugh.


Tex £132 Beckfoot, £125 Kirk House, £120 Crofthead.

Belt £96 Kirk House.  

BFL £90 Alnham.  

Chev £89 Potholm.

longtown mart

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